As Data Scientist in Zedge, you will be working on recommending content for our Wallpapers and Ringtones app. You will gain insight into how the app is used and design changes based on data. Knowledge about the users will help you personalize the experience in the app. Your knowledge will guide the creation of new products in the entertainment space.

With millions of users around the world, you will have challenges at scale. You will be able to test hypotheses quickly and get statistically significant results. You will be able to train machine learning models on big data, and deploy them into production. Such models will need to be optimized for speed to handle high volumes of requests.

You will be part of an agile team with focus on continuous improvement of our products. The team is delivering changes quickly on a mature infrastructure.


  • Recommend content to users automatically from data
  • Experiment with different recommendation algorithms
  • Analyze Big Data
  • Optimize search engine
  • Segment users
  • Classify audio, video, picture and text
  • Predict user behavior
  • Plan, execute and conclude statistical hypothesis testing
  • Advise product design


  • Strong analytical skills
  • Experience in statistical analysis
  • MSc or PhD in Mathematics or similar
  • Development experience in Python, R, Matlab or similar
  • Knowledge about neural networks and machine learning
  • Experience with SQL
  • Ability to learn can weigh up for lack of experience
  • Java, Kotlin, Swift or Go programming experience is a plus


    • Clickhouse column database
    • Vespa search engine
    • Kubernetes configuration
    • Gitlab continuous deployment
    • ZEPPA event logging